Curriculum Programs


Age 2 Years

We will nurture your toddler to develop self help skils and establish independence.


Age 3 to 4 Years

We will challenge your child to develop all alreas of learning and prepare them for the world.   


Age 4 to 5 Years

We will prepare your child for Kindergarten and provide a chance at academic success.


Extended Preschool

We offer additional challenges for our students in the areas of reading, math, and science.


Enrichment Programs

We encourage our students to explore and develop new interests.  


Storyland School


Main Entrance: 2475 Fourth St. Livermore CA 94550 (Corner of S. Livermore Ave. and Fourth St.)


Mailing: 2486 East Ave. Livermore CA 94550

Phone (Main) :  925-449-1531

Fax: 925-449-4683



Schedule a tour: 925-449-1531 or use our online form

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Hours of Operation

M-F 7:00 am - 6:00pm

Half and Full Day Options Available


LIC 013419000

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